Safety Demonstrations
Karnes Electric Cooperative, Inc. (KEC) is deeply concerned about employee safety and the safety of our members. Electricity can cause serious injury if not used with proper caution and safeguards. Any activity done near power lines may result in severe injury or death if a person comes into contact with electric lines, or if equipment or material controlled by an individual comes into contact with electric lines. For your safety, KEC offers free electric safety demonstrations to schools and community organizations within the Karnes Electric Cooperative, Inc. service area.
The safety demonstration will include an arcing demonstration to show the dangers encountered when high voltages come in contact with metallic helium balloons, kites, wet tree branches, or just hands and fingers.
If you would like to schedule a safety demonstration, contact Robert Zuniga, Safety Coordinator at (830) 780-3952.
This is what can happen when a kite comes in contact 
with a high voltage power line.