Rates and Fees


Rate classification and assignment shall be made by Karnes Electric Cooperative, Inc. in accordance with the application and type of service provisions in its rate schedules. Rate schedules have been developed for the standard types of service provided by the Cooperative. Rate availability includes the following:
For more information on rate schedules contact the billing department at 830-780-3952 or email, billing@karnesec.org.



No Deposit Required

$50.00 to $60.00
at cost
at cost

Membership Fee:
(Refundable upon termination of service)
Consumer Deposit
With satisfactory credit rating:
Others: (up to sum of 3 highest months during a 12 month period)
Investigation Fee:
Miscellaneous Service Fee:
Fictitious Meter Reading:
Disconnection and/or Reconnect Fee:
Collection Fee:
Returned Check Fee:
Meter Test Fee:
Delinquent Accounts Fee:
Reproduction of Tariff Sheets:
Temporary Service:
Meter Reading Fee:
Meter Tampering Fee:
Line Relocation:
Retail Electric Switchovers
Base Charge:
Base Charge adder:
¹Before 8:00AM or after 5:00PM and on weekends/holidays add $20.00.
²Plus any applicable line extension costs

For more detailed information or to see a complete listing of fees and charges, please refer to the Karnes Electric Cooperative, Inc. Tariffs for Electric Service. Copies of the Tariff are available for inspection at KEC offices.