Meter Reading

Most members of the Cooperative read their own electric meters and provide this meter reading each time they pay their bill. These members should carefully read and follow the instructions on the billing statement before sending in payments.

1.    Members should read their meter as close to the first day of each month as possible and write the reading and date in the appropriate space provided on the billing statement. You may also call in you readings to one of our offices.
2.    If your meter reading is received after the fifteenth (15) of each month it will not be used. Instead, the Cooperative will estimate your consumption for that month.
3.    If your account is estimated by the Cooperative three months in succession, the Cooperative will dispatch a serviceman to read your meter and a $50 service charge will be assessed on your account.
4.    Your Payment and meter reading are due no later than the date shown on the billing statement. The due date is sixteen (16) days from the issuance of the bill, except that if the due date falls on a holiday or weekend, the due date is the next business day.
If payment is not received by the due date it will be considered delinquent and will be assessed a 5% penalty and if not paid by disconnection due date, your account will become subject for disconnection.
5.    If you fail to submit payment by the due date, your next billing statement will show a past-due amount – even if the bill was subsequently paid before termination of service.
6.    Members who have more than one account should compare each meter’s number with the meter number listed on the billing statement. This will ensure that the proper meter reading corresponds with the proper account number.
7.    Please make sure the mailing address on the billing statement is correct.
8.    Detach the billing statement along the dotted line and return the bottom portion with your payment. Keep the top portion for your records.

If you have any questions, contact our office in Karnes City at (830) 780-3952; or Pleasanton at (830) 569-5538.