Frequently Asked Questions

** Questions about Automated Metering? Please visit our AMI FAQ.**

Q: Why am I required to pay a membership fee?

A: Each applicant shall pay a Membership fee of $5.00 upon application for service and prior to receiving service. The Membership fee shall entitle the applicant to be a Member of the Cooperative. Memberships are not transferable. Members have the right to vote in the election of directors at our Annual Meeting in June of each year. The Membership fee shall be refunded upon termination of service unless all or a portion of the Membership Fee was applied to Member’s final bill.

Q: When is my Bill Due?

A: Your Bill is Due by the 10th of each month, except if the 10th falls on a holiday or weekend, the due date will be the next working day. If full payment in not received in one of our offices by the Due Date; a 5% delinquent penalty will accrue.

Q: Can I choose a different Billing Due Date?

A: No, Karnes Electric Cooperative has only one billing cycle and bills are normally issued on the 25th of each month. The bills are then due 16 days after the date of issuance.

Q: What is the PCRF?

A: The PCRF (Power Cost Recovery Factor) has been a part of your bill since 1973 originating from escalating oil and natural gas prices. It was once known as the Fuel Cost Adjustment and is not included in your base rate. The PCRF changes each month due to the varying price of fuel used by our wholesale power supplier (STEC) to generate electricity. This allows KEC to be more responsive to market changes in fuel and generation costs. When these costs are down, the PCRF is down and can even be a credit on your bill.

Q: Can I change my electric energy provider?

A: Not at this time. Karnes Electric Cooperative, Inc. currently is not participating in the Texas deregulated market. When deregulation was approved in 1999, the legislation left the Cooperatives and Municipals out, with an option to participate at a later date if they chose to do so. Thus far only one Cooperative and no Municipals have opted in to the deregulated market. The Cooperative continues to monitor deregulation, and will reconsider when it appears to be beneficial for all Karnes Electric Cooperative Members.

Q: Can I have my meter tested?

A: Yes, the Cooperative shall, upon the request of a Member, make without charge a test of the accuracy of the Member’s meter. If a meter has been tested by the Cooperative at the Member’s request, and within a period of four years from the date of the first test the Member requests a new test, the Cooperative shall make the test, but if the meter is found to be within the accuracy standards established by the American National Standards Institute, Inc. the Cooperative may charge the Member a fee as follows:

Residential Meter Test Fee $50.00 plus service fees
Single Phase Meter Test Fee $50.00 plus service fees
Three Phase Meter Test Fee $60.00 plus service fees