Annual Membership Meeting

Karnes Electric Cooperative, Inc. conducts its annual membership meeting in Karnes City, Texas in June of each year. The Annual Meeting is a business meeting mixed with a little bit of fun.

Members are encouraged to attend the annual meeting to see old friends as well as to learn more about the Cooperative’s activities, finances, workings and projects. Board and management reports often include state and national issues affecting the utility industry and your Cooperative.

Notice of the annual meeting, along with your Registration and the Cooperative’s annual report, are mailed to all members in the May or June issue of the Texas Co-Op Power magazine.

Every year a number of door prizes are awarded during the meeting to lucky members. Many members and their families make the membership meeting an annual event to visit with their friends and neighbors, and learn more about their Cooperative.
Missed our 2015 Annual Meeting? Click Play below to watch the Lineman Tribute video!